Resources for Mentors

This page is intended to provide mentors with helpful resources to seek, find and conduct a successful mentoring engagement.  Browse our resources and and feel free to suggest others you may find on your own.

Becoming a Mentor

Minimum Requirements:

  • Should be EngrIT employee for at least six (6) months prior to enrolling.
  • Have at least five years of (relatable) professional experience.
  • Be able to commit the time and energy required to run potentially long pairings.

Required Preparation:

This short course (14 minutes) steps through the basic skills and mindset of a good mentor. It is a good introduction or a refresher to mentoring and provides enough detail for further exploration on your own (see more resources below).

  • Develop your mentor profile and send it to the program coordinator (currently Irene) to post.
  • Decide how many mentees you can manage at one time and let the program coordinator know.
  • Wait for mentees to contact you.

Profile style guide

  1. This is neither resume nor biography; work experience is less relevant than the internal process of how you got where you are, and do what you do
  2. Keep it short – 1 neat paragraph
  3. Write from 1st person
  4. Lead with your mentoring interests
  5. Point out 1-2 things you feel are your strong points/interests upon which to mentor

Engaging with Mentee

The first step is to set the tone, expectations and goals for future sessions. We suggest you start with a review of the Mentoring Rights and Responsibilities and follow up with a goals’ setting exercise. These two elements form the platform upon which you can establish and evaluate your direction and progress.

Once you have spent some time laying the groundwork and ensuring you both have a common understanding of your direction, you are ready to tackle your goals. We recommend a mid-point check-in to track progress and check on if your direction needs to be adjusted.

Useful Reads:

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