Resources for Mentors

This page is intended to provide mentors with helpful resources to seek, find and conduct a successful mentoring engagement.  Browse our resources and and feel free to suggest others you may find on your own.

Becoming a Mentor

Please refer to the minimum requirements for being a mentor before signing up.

  • We strongly recommend you view the course on mentoring. This short course (14 minutes) steps through the basic skills and mindset of a good mentor. It is a good introduction or a refresher to mentoring and provides enough detail for further exploration on your own (see more resources below).

* course on mentoring*

  • Please review the mentoring rights and responsibilities. Prepare to discuss with your mentee as a first step toward setting expectations and tone for your engagement.

*Mentoring Rights and Responsibilities*

Engaging with Mentee

Step 1

Mentees will be requested to complete two forms, Career Mapping and Goal Setting. Please expect to review both as a starting point. The intention is to smooth the initial meetings and create a path to follow (or not) as things progress in your engagement.

After Step 1

After you have reviewed the rights and responsibilities, the goal setting and career mapping forms, the future is yours to command! (but do it with your mentee, not to them!)

Useful Reads:

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