Welcome to Engineering IT Mentoring 2.0

This space is dedicated to the (new) Engineering IT mentoring program and all the tracks we will be standing up as we progress in their development. Our new program was build in response to org-wide requests to expand User Services mentoring. Over the next year we will be bringing new mentoring tracks online, one by one.

What is this thing?

Most of you are familiar with our current mentoring, which focuses on User Services and pairs senior IT specs with associates and USH hourlies. This has been a largely successful program, growing mentors and professional advancement throughout User Services. We have pushed this program to its limits and we need to do something new. Enter Mentoring 2.0.

There is a philosophical switch in this new iteration. Rather than having mentees step through all the available senior mentors one by one, we are opening up to a “free market” approach. With just a few limitations, most staff can contemplate serving as mentors. In addition, anyone who is looking for a mentor, can find one in a variety (forthcoming) of Engineering IT fields, from technical to managerial.

How does it work?

Mentors will “hang out their shingles”. Mentors will self-identify, briefly describe their experiences and define areas they would like to mentor in.

Mentees will be able to search mentoring tracks (as they develop), identify and approach mentors to form a mentoring engagement.

Elements of the program:

  1. mentees find your own mentor
  2. mentors decide what to mentor about
  3. once defined, the mentoring pair decides the length of engagement
  4. there is a mentoring administrator (currently Irene Sakellarakis) who will (as needed and appropriate):
  • help broker conversations
  • help resolve miscommunications
  • help mentors and mentees in their efforts

Explore this page. We will be on-boarding new tracks and adding pertinent information to this page as we do. Please feel free to send us feedback on how we can improve this site’s navigation and to make finding a mentor/mentee, finding resources and getting information easier.