Program Information

What is this EngrIT Mentoring Program?

You might be familiar with our current mentoring program in User Services, which pairs Senior IT Specs with Associates and hourlies. This successful program has provided professional development opportunities for both mentors and mentees in User Services over the past 5 years. We are making some changes in order to successfully scale to the larger organizational audience and offer more types of mentoring.   These changes include:

  • More mentors. Staff with 5+ years’ professional experience are eligible (and encouraged!) to be mentors after a brief training.
  • More types of mentoring. EngrIT Mentoring Program’s ultimate vision is to expand beyond the existing technical/IT Specialist mentorship to include other fields, such as management, web development, application development, and project management as more EngrIT staff become mentors.
  • No time limits. Each mentoring pair will discuss the mentee’s goals and determine together the frequency and duration of their meetings, as well as the overall length of the mentoring relationship
  • Self-Matching. Mentors will list the topics they can mentor on, and mentees can sign up based on the skills and knowledge they’d like to gain.
  • Other professional development opportunites. In the upcoming months, Engineering IT Mentoring program will offer workshops, roundtables, and other types of learning opportunities, as well as a growing list of online resources.

Now that we have your interest, find a mentor here. Select a mentoring area to see available mentors, send them an email and get started!