Resources for Mentees

This page is intended to provide mentees with helpful resources to seek, find and conduct a successful mentoring engagement. Half of the mentoring success depends on mentees actively owning the progression and outcomes of their sessions. Browse our resources and and feel free to suggest others you may find on your own.

Becoming a Mentee

  • As mentioned above, what the mentee brings to the pairing is just as important as what the mentor does. Take some time to read through Elements of a Good Mentee. Think about what you want to gain and how you intend to set your mind towards your goals. It’s OK not to have definite goals right at the beginning. But spending time thinking about why you want a particular mentor in a particular area will help you set intentions for the duration of your engagement.

Elements of a good mentee

  • Before your first meeting with your mentor, step through the Career Mapping and Goal Setting forms. These are exercises intended to frame your intentions, define goals (or the beginnings of goals) and establish your expectations from the mentoring course. Please be prepared to discuss both with your mentor in your first sessions. They will help break the ice and provide ready-made topics for discussion.

Career Mapping  

Goal Setting

  • Finally, we come to the rights and responsibilities of mentorship. The rules of the game are outlined for both mentees and mentors. Please make sure you read and discuss with your mentor in your first session. The list is intended to set you on a path to good communication and expectation-setting.

Mentoring Rights and Responsibilities

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