Resources for Mentors

This page is intended to provide mentors with helpful resources to seek, find and conduct a successful mentoring engagement.  Browse our resources and and feel free to suggest others you may find on your own.

Becoming a Mentor

Please refer to the minimum requirements for being a mentor before signing up.

  • We strongly recommend you view the course on mentoring. This short course (14 minutes) steps through the basic skills and mindset of a good mentor. It is a good introduction or a refresher to mentoring and provides enough detail for further exploration on your own (see more resources below).

* course on mentoring*

  • Please review the mentoring rights and responsibilities. Prepare to discuss with your mentee as a first step toward setting expectations and tone for your engagement.

*Mentoring Rights and Responsibilities*

Engaging with Mentee

Step 1

The first step is to set the tone, expectations and goals for future sessions. We recommend you start with a review of the Mentoring Rights and Responsibilities and follow up with a goals’ setting exercise. These two elements form the platform upon which you can establish and evaluate your direction and progress.

After Step 1

Once you have spent some time laying the groundwork and ensuring you both have a common understanding of your direction, you are ready to tackle your goals. We recommend a mid-point check-in to track progress and check on if your direction needs to be adjusted.

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